Transcription rules

Criteria for the transcriptions of the texts from the manuscripts

The folio number is indicated by a figure between #: #23#.

Medieval punctuation is reduced to 3 basic signs (see table). The user can always check it in the manuscript reproduction.

Capitals are presented as in the MS. Words are separated even if they are written uninterrupted in the MS.

Resolution of abbreviations is indicated according to the diplomatic rules through the ( ) sign: cetusq(ue). In cases where there is a choice between u and v, the prevailing criterion in the MS is adopted for the whole text.

Material missing posterior to the script is represented by [ ] with indication of the estimated number of lacking letters: [****]aginem. If the lacuna is due to erasures, r is used [rrr].

Words and punctuation by a second hand are placed between square brackets: sanctu[[s]].

Completions that are absolutely certain are inserted with < >: <v>irginem.

Doubtful readings are signalled by "···"  : in the simplest cases, these signs separate the two hypotheses, in more complex cases both hypotheses may be transcribed: glorificemur"s", gratiam "gratam".

Readings antecedent to corrections are indicated by means of two +: sanctu+m+; if the first word before the correction is not readable, +...+.

Words and letters above the line are indicated by the sign \ /:

Words and letters under the line are indicated by / \:

Readings placed in the margins are indicated by the sign \\ at the end of the line, with an asterisk after the relevant word, if the correspondence is reliable.

Line changes are indicated by new line or by |.

Column changes are indicated by ||.

Lines entirely omitted are indicated by the symbol --- ---.

Numbers remain as they are in the MS. Ordinal numbers are marked by °.


punctuation . ; ?
erasure [rrr]
resolution of an abbreviation ( )
words and punctuation by a second hand [[ ]]
missing material [ ]
doubtful reading "···"
supra lineam \ /
ante correctionem +…+
in margine \\
line change |
column change ||
lacunae or line omissions --- ---
change of folio #


P. Bourgain
E. D'Angelo
C. Leonardi
G. Orlandi
F. Stella
K. B. Vollmann